LM Agency Successfully Launches Revamped Larne FC Website

May 29, 2023

LM Agency is pleased to announce the successful launch of Larne Football Club‘s newly redesigned website. The project, which has been in the works for the past few months, is now officially live.

Designed in collaboration with our valued partner, Larne Football Club, the fresh website boasts a fully customised design aimed at ensuring accessibility for users of all kinds through various integrations. With enhanced navigation, the website is now fully responsive, providing users with a more efficient and streamlined experience across all sections.

This milestone further solidifies our ongoing partnership with Larne FC and underscores our commitment to expanding the club’s brand presence, not only in Northern Ireland but also beyond. We extend our sincere gratitude to Lewis McAdam and his team at LM Agency for their innovative approach in crafting this new website.

Founder and Managing Director of LM Agency, Lewis McAdam, expressed his thoughts on the launch:

“We are thrilled to continue our strong partnership with Larne FC by collaborating on the design and launch of their new website. This project reflects our dedication to meeting the needs of the club and its passionate fans. Working closely with the marketing and communications team, we paid meticulous attention to their requirements, ensuring seamless integration throughout the site.”

He added, “Throughout the design and development process, we maintained open lines of communication and fostered a collaborative environment. This allowed for the exchange of ideas, feedback, and insights, ensuring that the website truly reflects the club’s identity and provides an engaging experience for visitors.”

McAdam also noted the local effort involved, saying, “We also worked closely with our friends at Big Wet Fish, a local hosting company that hosts the website from their Larne-based data centre owned and operated by Husky Networks. This exemplifies a truly local effort, which I believe aligns well with the club’s ethos.”

General Manager of the club, Niall Curneen, expressed his delight at the official website launch, stating:

“The new website is another successful project completed with our valued local partners at LM Agency, underscoring our unwavering commitment to our ‘For The Town’ ethos. I believe all our supporters will concur that the new site offers an enhanced look and feel for the club, and users will benefit from improved accessibility and overall user experience.”

Curneen continued, “We take immense pride in our collaboration with the local business community in Larne, and this is yet another excellent example of the remarkable work carried out by local entrepreneurs and businesses in close proximity to us. We are continually seeking ways to develop and elevate ‘brand Larne,’ and we are delighted to do so in partnership with fellow local entities within our town.”